From making doodles in the trenches of last bench during school days (early 90s). To – being invited as a design speaker at HYSEA (2016),it has been an adventurous voyage so far. Starting career as a CG-Artist and later leading a team for a couple of international animated series, it feels like completing a full circle. With over 11 years in driving creative portfolios across diverse media spread including Web, Broadcast,Prints. Wait! I missed an important element that sums up 8mango, that’s e-waste/junk which got my mojo back (making art from waste) from getting recognized across noteworthy pedestals like TEDx Hyderabad, IIT Bombay, and a national TV show on Art and Craft (over 70 ep). My work making headlines in several national newspapers has only been the icing on a perfect layer cake. It wasn’t a cake walk though!

Here’s what I can do for you with guaranteed authenticity.

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Tangible medium:  ExhibitionArt installationsArt & Craft show


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