about me
Flashback of A Fool
Warning : This is a boring section, you may skip it !
Hi, I am Dhiraj Sharma, working as a Creative Head in Bangalore.

It all started with secretly doodling in school for most of the time and weird curiosity to dissect discarded electric appliances at home, magnets attracted me a lot. Fitting LEDs in a shoe box and connecting with pencil cells was more than a rocket science.

So I eventually started making something out of the junk. Years later MS Paint spoilt me further.

Graduating in Computer Science (somehow) I pursued my career in animation.

Started as a 3D artist in 2006, it was fun moving vertices; and has been such a ride while working on Animation movies & series for over 8 years.

Now, as a designer I seek to create minimalist and simplified designs.

Meanwhile I still continue making art out of junk in parallel. There’s a special kick in pressing metal wires, nuts, nails, wood, clay etc.

Now, I sincerely thank you for reading :)